Day 1

We will pick you up at the airport of the city of Bariloche. There are few flights per day that get you there, so you won´t have to wait more than 1 or 2 hours.
Then we will get to the hotel to leave your stuff and have a classic local dinner nearby. As we will have dinner early, we will use that time to get to know each other and you’ll have a much more detailed schedule of the days ahead.


Day 2 & Day 3 – Tronador peak, the first giant

We will wake up early in the morning to shoot some amazing waterfalls during sunrise before heading to Tronador park.
Once we finish, we’ll start a one hour drive to Tronador park, where we will enjoy the confort of a super premium camping experience 1 or 2 nights depending on the weather conditions)

After leaving our stuff in the camping and enjoying a great meal, we will shoot sunset at a hidden waterfall called “Saltillo de las Nalcas”. If conditions apply is possible to stay post sunset to make some night shots.
During day 2 in the park, we will start at sunrise with some lake shots on the base of the Tronador and then start a super easy hike for some forest shots and finally sunset in mount Tronador.
Finally, we will check the shots while having an amazing local dinner (Argentinian asado) specially cooked for us and after that we leave to Paso Cordoba.


Day 4

We will reach Paso Cordoba near midnight (day 3). For those who still have energy we can go shooting some amazing Milky way shots, or you may rest until sunrise to make some amazing photos of the Sierras in Paso Cordoba.
Then, we will go to straight to San Martin de los Andes city, set everything in a superior room hotel and visit Georg, the biggest art/photo museum in Patagonia. Georg museum was founded by Georg Miciu, father of Isaias Miciu which is one of the 2 workshop leaders. Their family is highly recognised worldwide for their 3 artist generations.


Day 5 – Lanin volcano, our second giant

In our first morning in San Martin de los Andes we will wake up before sunrise and drive for an hour to reach Lanin National Park. We will shoot some amazing panoramic shots in our first stop, then drive to an amazing lonely beach and finally reach Lago Paimun, one of the closest views of Lanin’s peak and also a beautiful little local church.
After that we will have a local lunch and go to Chapelco for sunset. A wide view of the region with Lanin’s peak as a white dot in the background, with beautiful mountain layers in the frame will be our target for the afternoon.

Day 6 – Lanin volcano, our second giant

In our second day shooting Lanin volcano, we will face the other side of the mountain during sunrise with beautiful autumn colored leaves in the foreground.After that we’ll go back to the town for lunch and spend some quality time together reviewing the shots.


Day 7

Third day at San Martin de los Andes. We will start our day shooting some early morning shots at ‘Bosque de las araucarias’.
By 12pm an asado cooked specially for us by local people there will be ready. We will have lunch with them, sharing their stories on how this towns were born. After getting to know them, we will shoot some portraits of gauchos and horses doing their normal rutine of work.
Finally, we will end up shooting sunset at a Panoramic 360 view of the lake next to San Martin de los Andes.

Day 8

We will leave San Martin de los Andes and head back to Bariloche through the 7 lake road, probably the most iconic route in all Patagonia. We will stop in the best 3 lakes to shoot different compositions as each lake has a different mountain formation at the background and finally we will reach the city of Bariloche one more time to spend our last night of the workshop.


Day 9

Time to say goodbye! We will drive you to Bariloche airport so you can take your flight safely back home.


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